Stockbridge Riding School

Stockbridge Down, Stockbridge, Hampshire,

SO20 6HN. Tel 01264 810727

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From time to time in the school holidays, we offer one-day pony days for youngsters, who are competent at riding. These are on Wednesdays from 9.00 am - 4.00 pm. Youngsters can learn how to groom and tack up and enjoy riding with their friends and playing gymkhana games. Lunch is provided.

We also offer adult pony days during term time and give adults the chance to spend a day with the horses - learning about stable management and improving their riding. Again these will be on Wednesdays from 9.00 am - 4.00 pm. A buffet lunch is provided.



Once or twice a year, we hold a dressage competition for our clients. There are 3 tests to choose from - an Introductory test (walk and trot); a Novice test, and an Intermediate test. Clients can choose which horse they wish to ride and can practise for the test in their lessons. On the day, we have an external judge and hand out cups and rosettes to the riders. The emphasis is on fun!